Singapore Pools with Beauty and Relaxing Atmosphere when Traveling

If you ever have a plan to travel abroad, we would recommend you to go to Singapore. There are many great things you can expect there, you see. Singapore has all you need for unforgettable travelling experience. Are you looking for great, relaxing pools to swim in? If so, we have two best ones you can choose here. Both are great in term of beauty and comfort ability. You can relieve your weariness while gazing at beautiful setting around them.

Swimming Pools at Capella Singapore

Capella Singapore is a resort located in 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island. It is the building that is design with old and new elements. There are 3 swimming polls in this resort. All have the background of beautiful South China Sea. Those pools are also vast to play around and to swim in. Not to mention, the pools are designed to be surrounded by greenery. There are many plants and trees with flowers too. So, the pools areas are actually pretty green.


Turquoise tiles are used on the pools’ base too, making the water look turquoise as well. With greenery around, the pools are just surprisingly beautiful. With beautiful background too, you will have nothing to complain when swimming in this resort. Of course, the green theme does a good job in giving relaxing atmosphere. That is why you can be sure to relieve your weariness in such place that seems to be pretty much close to nature.

Outdoor Pool at Crowne Plaza Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel is pretty famous resort located in 75 Airport Boulevard, Singapore. What’s amazing from this resort is that it has outdoor pool nestled on the third level. It is pretty quiet place to swim in, you see. Furthermore, there are palm trees planted within the pool and the line of resting chairs beside it. Whether you are swimming in the pool or simply sitting on the chair, the trees somehow give calming atmosphere to you.


When you do feel that, we are sure that you must have been feeling that your weariness has been lifted. What’s more, there are relaxing corners within the pool too. With that, we can get the feeling that we are spending time in a place which is like quite hideout at a private beach. With the water looking blue and the trees looking green, this pool offers sheer view of natural beauty that will make your visit there the best you have ever obtained.

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Interesting Ways to Travel without Spending a Fortune

Most people like to travel, but it doesn’t come cheap. Sometimes, you even spend your hard earned money that you have kept for a year just to be able to spend a week in heaven. Sure, it is worth it, but why not try other alternatives that don’t have to require you to work extra hard and spend lots of money in the process? Most people say that it is impossible to travel without spending a dime at all, but you know what? It is truly possible and actually doable! If you know how, there are lots of cool programs and ideas that you can try without you having to break the bank.

Join an Exchange Program

The idea is almost the same as student exchange program where you will be sent abroad, but instead of studying, you will be working. And there isn’t always exchange between workers, so if you are sent to Japan to work, for instance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a Japanese worker will be sent to your country – it doesn’t work like that. Some people call it similar to volunteering, but you get payment in form of lodgings and foods. This is certainly a great idea for those with adventurous spirit and aren’t afraid to try new stuffs. Don’t expect the work to be fancy, but if you truly value and cherish the experience, having the chances to see the world and interact with other cultures or habits, you will see this opportunity as a good and promising one.

Some people like the idea that they get to see turtle hatchery or experience black pearl diving routine during their stay – those are just some of the exciting experience. You may not be paid for the work, but you get free lodgings and also meal – not to mention that the experience is priceless! Another cool thing about this method is that you won’t have to spend a fortune for this experience, and you can proudly boast to your friends that you can travel to other parts of the world without affecting your financials. If you get a generous employer, you may get pocket-money, but don’t get your hopes high on it.

There are lots of organizations or programs that arrange this kind of stuff, so you can contact them and talk about detailed arrangement. You can choose the country, choose the location, ad such thing alike. There are some organizations that require you to pay small amount of fee to see the list, but it is worth your spending. Make sure that you understand all the details, the requirements, the regulations, and such thing alike. Such program is available and offered in 60 different countries, so you have loads of picks and options. Don’t forget that you may have to prepare money for the trip, but again….it won’t be as much as you are supposed to spend if you don’t join this program.

Try House Sitting

You have probably heard about the general baby sitting or pet sitting, so how about house sitting? The basic principle is simple and easy: you need to take care of the house while the owners are away – how long they will be gone depend on them and the agreement between you two. The cool thing about house sitting is the fact that you won’t have to spend money for the lodgings – which are generally cost the most in your traveling budgets, right? – because you can use the house and even use the kitchen. You only need to prepare the grocery and cook on your own – which will save lots of money in the long run. If you are going to spend quite some time there, you also need to consider finding jobs around the area. it doesn’t have to be fancy or important; simply enough to provide you with enough money for the grocery.


The great thing about this way is the fact that you can really immerse to the surrounding condition and have direct access to the cultures. Dealing with different cultures may be a challenge, but you should be up for it – considering that you are adventurous enough to even try the house sitting method. Tourist places in singapore that regular tourists will never visit and you can interact with local people first handedly.

If you want to try this method, you need to become members of such house sitting organizations. Yes, you will have to pay for the membership, but consider it as a worthy investment for unlimited traveling experience that you are about to get – if you are bold enough to try. Again, make sure to get detailed information about the whole deal and make sure that you are doing proper arrangement and preparation. In several countries, the length of stay is 90 days max, so you really need to make careful planning and arrangement.

Try Staying in Host Lodging

It is like staying over at friend’s house, but you do it with strangers. There are organizations that arrange travelers around the world to save money while staying with others. Interaction depends greatly on your agreement; whether you want to stay in touch as much as possible, or even as little as possible….. that’s totally up to you. You can stay with the host that is willing to offer extra bed so you can crash while you are there. The same thing applies to you when you become the host. You can decide to cook together or have your own arrangement – as long as both of you are comfy with the arrangement.

Tips for Solo Women Travelers to Travel Safely

More and more women decide to travel on their own, being independent and courageous in their attempts to see the world. Women travelers often deal with challenging situations and some situations can be more difficult for them, when compared to male travelers. But it doesn’t mean that you should be discouraged when you want to see the world. Traveling on your own is still possible, as long as you prepare yourself and have taken precautions to deal with the worst scenarios and conditions.

Being a solo traveler doesn’t always mean that you should always watch your back, glance along the way, and stay alerted all the time. You can still have fun and have a blast, as long as you have prepared yourself for the worst.

The first thing to know is to plan ahead for the worst scenarios. What should you do when your belongings are stolen? What would you do when your travel documents are lost? It is a good and wise idea to have several copies of your credit cards, passports, visas, or other vita documents. It is also important that you keep them in different places, so you can have backup in case the original ones are lost or stolen. Not only you need to have a hardcopy, you should have the softcopy. Be sure to write emergency contacts, important phone numbers, bank phone, and also credit card companies. They will be important if you want to cancel your credit card or close off your account.


The second thing is to be clever and wise. Sure, traveling alone can be fun and exciting. It provides you with different access and opportunities, not to mention that it is a kind of mental and courageous test. But you should know your limit and don’t tempt fate in the face. If you want to explore a remote area or you want to go to an area that is known to be quite tricky and unsafe, it is better if you can join with a group or have a companion. We are talking about your safety and your life; do you really want to challenge fate for the sake of your adventurous sense? Be really wise or you will end up regretting your decision.

The third thing is to remain cautious and always use your logic. Yes, you are supposed to have fun during your trip, but it doesn’t mean that you can splurge around and forget your wits. Be cautious for strangers that are approaching you, even the cute ones. Don’t let your guard down, no matter in what kind of situation you are. Meeting other people is good, but it doesn’t mean that you should tell them everything about yourself, especially during first time encounter or if they ask you too many questions. It is better if people don’t really know that you are alone, so your safety remains intact. If you want to consume alcohol, be sure to know your limit and keep it minimum. Always remember that you are alone and no one will have your back.

The next thing is to find out about the area where you are staying. Don’t be afraid to talk to the staffs; they, after all, are the locals who understand the situation and places around. Find out which area you should avoid, and which one is safe. You can also ask about the transportation and how to travel from one place to others. It also helps if you can find accommodations that are close to business central or close to busy spots, instead of choosing remote and quiet areas. If you stay in areas that are close to the city central or busy area, your possibility to stay safe and protected will be bigger, when compared to staying in remote, quiet, or far away accommodations.


The fifth tip is to always stay connected. You may undergo this trip to have a personal me-time, being far away from regular people that you meet on daily basis. But it doesn’t mean that you should sever contacts and connections with them. Stay in touch with them; don’t turn off your phone. It will help if you can provide the details of your itinerary to some of the closest people; your family or best friend. It doesn’t hurt if you can call them on daily basis just to let them know that you are okay. In case something bad happens to you, they will be alerted and you won’t be left deserted alone. Don’t forget to include important phone numbers as your emergency contacts.

The next one is to blend in. Nothing is more visible than having a tourist that looks very tourist-y and stand out among the locals. It doesn’t hurt to learn about the local customs, habits, or lifestyle before you actually visit them. When you look like a local, your chance of survival is bigger. Be sure to wear the right clothes that go along with the climate, culture, or custom of the local. Sure, you may want to take pictures of the locals, but instead of keeping it hanging around your neck – which makes your tourist-y look very pronounced and visible – you may want to keep it inside your bag. Only take it out and shot pictures when it is possible and safe.

Seventh, you really need to rely on your intuition. Nothing is better than your guts, and you should believe it in. When something isn’t right or you feel that the situation isn’t safe for you, leave as soon as possible. Rely on it and don’t make rush judgment, even though you may encounter people that seem helpful and friendly. If you feel that things aren’t right, leave right away.

Finally, when you are traveling, be sure to choose transportation that is packed with people. Packed isn’t the same as being crowded; packed means that the numbers are safe and they are random people; not members of a certain gang. Hop on train carriages or buses with people in it, and avoid going in one if you are the only passenger. If you have to use a taxi, choose the reliable one and call your friends or families once you get into the passenger’s seat; provide them with details of the taxi, the identity of the drivers, and such thing alike.